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Couple's Therapy

In my work with couples, I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. We will work together to identify the negative, rigid interaction patterns that create disconnection and pain in your relationship. We will then form and express new emotional experiences that will help create a more secure relationship with your partner. Our process will involve three stages: Cycle de-escalation, restructuring interactions to create new emotional experiences, and then consolidation to take what is learned and apply to everyday life.

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Individual Therapy

If you have never been in therapy before, you are already doing the hardest part by realizing that this is something that can help you right now. We all need a place to go for support, and therapy can be that place. My primary goal in therapy is to create a safe place for you to unpack all the baggage that is weighing you down and reconnect with the inner strength you already have. I believe that we often have "unfinished business" in our lives that can rise up and manifest in different ways in our present life. We work in the here-and-now to make use of your own unique characteristics and strengths to create the changes you want in your life.


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Family Therapy

I work with families (preteens and older) as they navigate challenges in their relationships with each other. I use Emotionally Focused Family Therapy to help families rebuild attachment bonds with one another that will allow them to grow closer and more connected with one another. 

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Other Services

Workshops on psychological issues:  sleep, motivation, stress, positive relationships, emotional resilience and more

Psychological assessment: personality, cognition

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