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It is through connection that we thrive. A secure connection with another being allows us to explore the world with confidence. Limitless Connections is here to help you build or restore connections so you can achieve Limitless Possibilities!

Couples Therapy

Our relationship with others can result in some of the greatest emotions when we feel connected: joy, love, exhilaration, curiosity, and comfort. But sometimes we feel disconnected and we feel pain, fear, sad, angry, and grief. Then our behaviors can lead to more disconnection and more pain. I help couples slow down and explore these patterns and build stronger, more connected relationships.

Individual Therapy

If you are struggling with feeling stuck, anxious, or with feeling different you don't have to face this painful time alone. Finding a place to get unstuck can begin in therapy. Together we can explore what has you stuck and get you back to feeling anchored and strong again.

Other Services

Family therapy for adult/teen family members

Workshops on psychological issues:  sleep, motivation, stress, positive relationships, emotional resilience and more

Psychological assessment: personality, cognition


I am Laurie Juraszek a psychologist licensed in Alaska. My work with clients is informed by an existential, experiential, and humanistic approach. I believe relationship is the key to growth and progress, and it starts with the relationship between me and my client(s). I chose the name Limitless Connections for my practice because I believe that you can have relationships beyond your wildest dreams. 

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